Hardwood Decking

Heres a list of the top 6 things to consider when planning a deck

Wow Factor

There are myriad benefits to selecting decking as your outdoor surface of choice. First and foremost – how good does a quality timber deck look and feel? There are so many fantastic-looking options when choosing your decking, and they all look amazing when installed. Everybody’s different, but here at Gill Landscapes what we hear most is that people find decking more inviting and visually appealing than a concrete patio.


Some experts estimate that a timber deck can increase the value of your home by up to 30%. That might be on the high side, but there’s no doubt that having a timber deck is typically associated with a higher specification of building and is a huge draw-card for potential buyers. Many modern suburban homes in New Zealand only have 40–60 square meters of living area, so a well-designed and positioned deck can expand the usable living area of a home by up to 100%.

Indoor Outdoor Flow

Unlike common pavement options (concrete, tiles and pavers), timber decking can be legally constructed at floor level without the installation of expensive, ugly threshold drain systems. Who cares about whether your patio has a level-entry threshold, though – right? Wrong. Having a step down from your indoor living to your outdoor living creates a natural disconnect, discouraging guests and family members from using the two areas in tandem. For a true indoor-outdoor flow, nothing beats the transition onto timber decking. A level entry threshold is also more user-friendly for the very young and the elderly.


Timber decking in New Zealand gets an unfair rap as a less sustainable option. In actual fact, Gill Landscapes exclusively install sustainably harvested decking timbers certified by the FSC. Timber acts as a natural carbon sink, so by installing a timber deck you are permanently locking away greenhouse gases! Most alternatives to timber decking involve concrete or cement-based products, and the cement industry is one of the primary producers of carbon dioxide worldwide.


If you treat your deck right, it will last you for over 20 years. While some customers prefer to regularly oil their decks to improve longevity, even a deck that’s left to weather naturally will last many years to come – especially if it’s a hardwood!


Choosing the Right TimberHardwood Deck

There are so many options available as decking these days that selecting a product can be a bit overwhelming. All in all, it’s a personal choice – but there are a few things you should know before deciding which timber

to go with.

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