Resort Style Landscaping

Interview Snapshot: Resort Style Landscaping

Sean Gill, our managing director,  recently spoke to Spa World to offer advice on bringing a touch of resort- style to your outdoor living.

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What would you say are the three most important factors to consider when planning a relaxed resort-style outdoor space?
  1. Privacy: You want to shut off your area from as much of the outside world as possible.
  2. Create your oasis: Spend time considering what a peaceful hideaway would look like to you, then try to bring a few key elements into your landscaping plan.
  3. Greenery: Consider which plants will suit your space. Think forest- type planting and greenery that will contribute to your peaceful atmosphere. I’d recommend including as many trees and plants as possible.
What are your best tips for creating privacy in outdoor spaces in an urban environment?

Natural hardwood slats are excellent for creating screens and adding privacy to your outdoor zones. They look great and help to give you that sense of seclusion.

How important is the lighting?Resort Landscaping

Lighting is vitally important for the overall ambience of your space. Too much harsh lighting takes away from your peaceful setting. You want the lighting to be functional so you can use the spa in the evenings, but dim enough that it feels like a quiet, peaceful space. Aim for low levels of warm lighting to set a calm mood.

What are some good options for shelter or protection from the weather?

Natural timber slats are great for this too. I’d also recommend using frameless glass for spaces that need protection from the elements without closing off the area. Depending on the site, plaster block walls can also be used to create a designated spa area. You may also want to think about shade structures such as a pergola or an umbrella. A pergola can be enhanced with climbing plants to provide shade in the hotter months (available from Spa World). Another excellent option is an outdoor umbrella. Umbrellas are convenient, lightweight and adjustable, making them perfect for providing protection at all times of the day.

What planting would you recommend for a family who wants to create a holiday or resort feel at home?

Look for plants you’d find in peaceful and relaxing environments. Think forests or tropical areas. I’d suggest a feature palm with underplanting. Specifically,

I would recommend Ligularia reniformis (tractor seats) and Dianella.

What plants work well around pools and spas? What are the challenges?

Ideally, you’d want evergreens, so you wouldn’t need to worry about leaves. Something hardy to deal with the salt and chlorine. The plants listed above are all great for these reasons.

Do you have any specific advice for things to think about when deciding where to place your spa or swim spa?Spa with Tree

Utilise the space you have. Contemplate the area and take your time with planning.Using the house to form part of the walls of your spa area can be a cost- effective way of ensuring shelter. It’s also important that it’s not too far from the house. You want it to be accessible, so you use it regularly. Overall, consider what you will use the space for and the area’s functionality. Creating a feature towel rail can be a great addition to the space. They are very practical, and you can be creative with it. Raising your decking is also an aesthetically pleasing way to add to the functionality of the space. Doing this can make it easier to enter the spa. Finding the right blend of practicality and ambience is the best way to create an appealing space that you will use regularly.

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